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Blankets are versatile bedding accessories used for warmth, comfort and décor. They come in a wide variety of materials, sizes, colors and patterns to suit different needs. Blankets and Pads & Hammocks Collection have been an essential household item across cultures for centuries.

Types of Blankets

Blankets can be categorized by material, seasonality, use cases etc.

- Wool blankets offer excellent warmth and durability. Merino wool is a popular choice. Cashmere, alpaca and other luxury wools make premium blankets.

- Cotton and microfiber are lighter options suitable for summer. Cotton is breathable while microfiber is easy to wash.

- Down or feather filled blankets are ultralight yet warm, ideal for colder months. Goose down is most luxurious but duck down is affordable.

- Fleece and sherpa blankets have a soft plush feel. They are lightweight and cuddly.

- Throw blankets are smaller in size for covering up on sofas or beds.

- Baby blankets come in soft breathable fabrics like cotton, cashmere, fleece etc. They comfort nursing infants.

- Electric blankets can be heated to desired temperature. They are convenient in very cold weather.

- Weighted blankets apply gentle pressure that helps relieve anxiety and improve sleep. The glass beads evenly distribute weight.

Buying Considerations

- Look for natural breathable fabrics like cotton, wool, silk or bamboo. Avoid cheap synthetics.

- Check the TOG rating for warmth level. Higher TOG means warmer.

- Feel the texture and density of the fabric. Soft, flexible and tightly woven is best.

- Buy blankets slightly larger than bed size for maximum coverage and comfort.

- Match colors and patterns to your existing décor scheme. Solids offer versatility.

- Carefully read washing instructions. Some may require dry cleaning or hand washing.

Usage and Care Tips

-Rotate heavy blankets to evenly distribute wear and tear.

- Wash regularly to prevent buildup of sweat, oils and dust mites. Check labels for washing guidelines.

- Wool blankets can be freshened up between washes using fabric steamers.

- Store blankets in a breathable container during warmer months. Prevent moth damage.

- For down or feather blankets, stitch back escaping feathers. Frequently fluff for even fill.

- Avoid exposing electric blankets to liquid spills which can cause electric shocks. Unplug when not in use.

- Weighted blankets should not be machine washed. Spot clean when required.


Blankets are multipurpose bedding items that provide warmth, comfort and style. Choose the right materials and sizes to suit your needs. Follow the care instructions for long lasting use. Luxurious blankets also make great heirlooms or gifts for special occasions. Use creatively both on the bed and around the house.

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