If you ask your friends how to spend a summer weekend, 90% of people will answer - camping. Yes, with more and more camping enthusiasts emerge worldwide, camping has never been more popular.

No longer a hard world, even the most die-hard hikers are looking for ways to make more comfortable camping.

Which gear you should bring for comfortable camping?

1. SUV tent

An SUV tent is a fantastic option not only in performance but also in comfort. A vast increase in recent years shows us that more and more people regard SUV tent as the first choice.

2. camping bed

Just take a camping bed, you can say goodbye to that sore back and hello to a sweet sleeping.

3. sleeping bag

There’s nothing worse than waking up because of cold in the night. It is not enough to use sleeping pad, you must use a sleeping bag that suitable for night temperature meantime.

4. light

Don't underestimate the blackness of the outdoor night, you need a light to light the tent.

5.outdoor cookware

When you return to the campsite after long hiking, nothing is more delicious than a pot of hot soup.

6. the most important gear - camping chair

When you’ re roasting weenies and baking marshmallows, you need a comfortable chair to support;

When you chatting with friends by the fire after a long day on the hiking or climbing, you need a comfortable chair to relax your body;

When you begin a late-night card game, you need a comfortable chair to ultimately fighting among your camp buddies for your seat!

so every lover of the outdoors needs a comfortable chair for the most memorable and magical summer camping trip.

We’ve tracked down the most comfortable and best value camping chairs of KingCamp so you can really lounge out at the campsite this season.

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