Even in winter, the outdoor sports lovers will get out of their warm houses and enjoy the fun of hiking & camping and any other breathtaking views that the wilderness has to offer. Of course, first, they should prepare the professional outdoor gear to protect themselves from the cold weather, like a tent, mattress, backpack, windproof jacket, and, sleeping bag. 


Yes, a warm and professional sleeping bag is very important during winter camping. They can give the tired hiker a good night’s sleep after the long day of exploring. 


When you have to spend overnight in the winter wildness, you should make sure you take a suitable sleeping bag with you. How to choose the right sleeping bag for your winter adventures?

 camping bag

Here are some useful tips:

The most important one: Temperature rating


Each of KingCamp sleeping bag has three types of temperature ratings:


  1. Comfort temperature: at which females can get a comfortable sleep.
  2. Limiting temperature: at which male gets comfortable sleep.
  3. Extreme temperature: at which females will have health problems.


You can choose a sleeping bag whose temperature rating lower than the lowest temperature where you will camp.


Sleeping bag shapes

we can find a few different shapes: Rectangular, Barrel, Mummy...The difference between these is: some shapes have better wrapping ability, there’s less air space in your sleeping bag, so your body can heat it up more efficiently and you will sleep warmer.


Rectangular sleeping bag

Less thermally efficient; a lot of space.


Barrel sleeping bag

Best suited for summer camping use


Mummy sleeping bag

Very light and compact; best for winter use.


You can choose any shape you like.



The two materials most commonly used for the sleeping bag are down and synthetic, each of them has advantages and disadvantages:

Down is lighter, very compressible, can stay fluffy longer so warmer, but will Lose warmth when wet; 


Synthetic is heavier, less compressible, Maintains warmth when wet, cheaper and easy to care for.


In addition, you need to check if the sleeping bag has these features before purchasing:

  • A hood hat that can be cinch tight to seal in heat;
  • Are theresleeping pad straps to secure the sleeping bag to the pad so it won’t roll off;
  • Is there a Pillow pocket to hold a small camping pillow;
  • A draft tube that can keep drafts out and warm air in.
  • Whether two sleeping bags can be zipped ​​together;

 Let’s do some Fun & action explore this winter.


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