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Camp Mattresses

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  1. KingCamp Double Size 3inch Thick Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad Foam Mat Mattress
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Camp Mattresses

Camp mattresses, also known as sleeping pads, are portable mattresses designed for camping and other outdoor activities. They provide cushioning and insulation when sleeping outdoors. Choosing the right Pads & Hammocks Collection is key to a comfortable camping trip.

Types of Camp Mattresses

- Air mattresses are inflatable pads. They allow you to adjust firmness as per preference. These are easy to pack but prone to punctures.

- Self-inflating mattresses have open-cell foam cores. Unrolling them allows air to enter and self-inflate. No pumping required.

- Closed-cell foam mattresses are lightweight and super durable. They provide insulation even when compressed. Easy to roll up and carry.

- Air beds have built-in pumps for inflation. More like a traditional mattress but portable. Comfortable but bulkier.

- Backpacking mattresses are ultra lightweight. They compromise on comfort for portability. Best for long hikes.

- Double high air beds are extra thick for maximum cushioning. Ideal for car camping where weight is not an issue.

Key Considerations

- Weight - Important if hiking over long distances. Heavier mattresses are comfier but difficult to carry.

- Packed size - Consider how much space it takes up when packed. Leaner mattresses are great for backpacking.

- Insulation - Check the mattress R-value. Higher numbers mean better insulation from cold.

- Noise - Some make crinkling sounds when you move. Inflatable pads with foam cores are quieter.

- Ease of inflation - Self-inflating are most convenient. Air beds with external pumps are quicker to inflate.

- Durability - Densely woven fabric and puncture resistant material will better withstand wear.

- Support - More air chambers and thicker foam provide better support for your body.

Usage and Care

- Inflate mattress firmness to your comfort level. Do minor adjustments as needed.

- Use a sleeping pad under the mattress for extra insulation from cold ground.

- Check for leaks before heading out. Fix punctures with patch kits. Carry backup pads.

- Deflate fully before packing away. Store rolled up or folded without creases.

- Clean mattress surface with mild soap and water ifdirty. Air dry thoroughly.

- Limit UV light exposure which can degrade material. Store packed mattress in stuff sack.


Choosing the right camp mattress ensures you wake up refreshed when sleeping outdoors. Consider activity, climate and personal preferences when selecting. Maintain and store mattresses properly for best durability and performance. A good sleep makes all the difference on camping trips.

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