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Paddle Places Others Can't Reach with Our Durable, Stable Canoes

Experience the freedom of wilderness waterways from the spacious comfort of a premium canoe. Our water canoes deliver stability, performance, and ruggedness whether you're tackling rapids or meandering placid lakes. Careful hull design and handcrafted dependability transform canoes from basic transportation into versatile vehicles for outdoor adventure.

Tandem and Solo Canoe Options

- Tandem Canoes – Roomy broad-beamed models with a center bench seat accommodate two paddlers.

- Solo Canoes – Compact, nimble canoes sized for one paddler to traverse tight spaces. Increased maneuverability.

- Third Seat Canoes – Mid-size canoes with a third center seat allows paddling with a child between adults

Hull Designs for Performance

- Flat Bottom Hulls – Wide flat bottoms provide lateral stability and prevent tipping on calm lakes.

- Rounded Bottom Hulls – A rounded bottom shape improves tracking and handling in winding rivers.

- Shallow Arch Hulls – The shallow arch improves stability while maintaining efficient glide speed.

Handcrafted for Heirloom Quality

- Cedar Strips – Thin cedar strips are bent and laminated over forms to shape the hull.

- Fiberglass Cloth – Woven fiberglass sheets are layered over wood strips using epoxy resins for protection.

- Kevlar Reinforced – Kevlar fibers increase hull rigidity and impact resistance along stress points.

- Wood Gunwales – Gunwales follow the sheerline for grab handles and rigidity. Ash or cherry wood.

Designed for Control and Maneuverability

- Rocker Profile – The hull curves up at bow and stern to aid in turning responsiveness and handling.

- Hull Shape – V-shaped hulls efficiently slice through water while tracking straight.

- Lapstrake Hulls – Overlapping plank hull construction creates smooth, fast-gliding performance.

- Low-Profile Seats – Paddling while seated low in the hull center improves balance and stability.

Our Handcrafted Canoes Bring Adventures to Life

Canoes unlock remote wilderness locales far from the crowds. Custom designed for stability, capacity, and speed over varied waters, our canoes get you to secluded places other watercraft can’t. Bring your gear, partner up, and let our premium canoes take you on your next adventure.

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