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KingCamp OASIS 300 Extra Wide Lightweight Square Sleeping Bag KS3155

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Product Description

  1. Warm And Comfort】The outer fabric of this sleeping bag are waterproof. The lining material is polyester, and the filling makes the bag soft, warm and extreme comfort when your skin touches against it.
  2. Envelop With Hoop Design】Because of the envelop shape design with 80 cm / 31.5 inches width; the bottom of the bag is roomy to put or move your legs and feet.
  3. Easy to Compress And Carry】With the lightweight material, the sleeping bag can be compressed into a small package for easier transport and storage with its carrying bag.
  4. Multifunctional】Two single sleeping bags can be zipped together to make a double comfort sleep system. And you can full spread this bag as a large blanket, quilt, or mattress for other uses.
  5. Applicable Temperature】Male comfort temperature is 1 Degree C / 33.8 Degree F; female temperature is 6 Degree C / 42.8 Degree F and extreme temperature is -13 Degree C / 8.6 Degree F.


Temperature Scales

Most standard sleeping bags have TWO temperature scales:

① Low temperature: Refers to the lowest and highest temperature the sleeping pad can hold. This only indicates that you can survive at such a temperature in the sleeping bag, but it does not mean that you can fall asleep under such circumstances, it depends on the different physiques for different people. Overall, we do not recommend using the sleeping bag below or above this temperature range.

②Comfortable temperature: Refers to the ideal temperature for comfortable use of the sleeping bag. At this temperature, people can fall asleep very comfortably, without being unable to sleep because of external factors.

It should be noted that the comfortable temperature is only a relative concept. The temperature range listed above is only based on lab tests and field experiments by brander research institutions. You can only use this data as a reference as each person’s body condition is different and the external environment in using the product is also different. Generally, everyone can withstand different temperatures. For every sleeping bag, we suggest every user use them in the suggested comfortable temperature range.



  • 1 × Sleeping Bag
  • 1 × Compression bag



Will there be terrible smells?

  No, By cleaning it after using it every time, there will be absolutely no smells.

Is it easy to place back into the carrying bag?

  If you roll up the sleeping bag tightly it is easy to stuff it back into the carrying bag.


More Information
Processing Time
Within 48 Hours
Shipping Time
5-10 Business Days
Best Use
Female Comfort
6 Degree C / 42.8 Degree F
Male Comfort 
1 Degree C / 33.8 Degree F
-13 Degree C / 8.6 Degree F
1.9 kg / 4.1 lbs
Outer Fabric
1100% Polyester 190T
100% Polyester 70g/m2
100% Polyester Comfort Loft 2×150 g/m2
Fill Weight
200 g
Fill Power
Sleeping Bag Shape
(190 + 30) × 80 cm / (74.8 + 11.8) × 31.5 inches
Packed Size
38 × Φ27 cm / 15 × Φ10.6 inches
Zipper Location
Left / Right
Item Returns
This item can be returned
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