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Paddle Further in Comfort with Our Stable, Durable Kayaks

Kayaking opens up a fun new way to explore rivers, lakes, bays, and shorelines. Our kayaks deliver a stable, comfortable ride to enhance adventures on the water for paddlers of all experience levels. From recreational designs to performance models, we offer kayaks built to last season after season. Paddle farther and expand your horizons from the seat of our premium kayaks.

Recreational Kayaks – Stable with Comfort Features

- Wider Beams – Shorter, wider hulls in the 28-34 inch range offer stability for casual paddling.

- Cushioned Seats – Padded backrests and seat bottoms provide comfort over hours on the water.

- Storage Capacity – Front and rear storage hatches carry lunch, snacks, fishing rods and other gear.

- Foot Braces – Adjustable foot braces comfortably secure your lower body position while paddling.

Touring Kayaks – Lean and Fast for Distance

- Longer Lengths – Ranging from 12-17 feet with long waterlines to maintain tracking and speed.

- Narrower Beams – Hulls 24-28 inches wide slice through water efficiently while maintaining stability.

- Storage Options – Large front and rear storage with cargo tie downs to pack provisions and camping gear.

- Rudder Systems – Retractable or stationary rudders enhance directional control while cruising open water.

Specialty Kayaks – Custom Designs for Specific Uses

- Angler Kayaks – Come rigged with rod holders, gear mounts, paddle holders, and stability for serious fishing.

- Inflatable Kayaks – Light and packable designs inflate and stow away easily for travel and storage.

- Tandem Kayaks – Extra-wide two-person models allow paddling with a partner or small child.

Durable Materials and Construction

- Hull Shapes – V-shaped hulls efficiently track through water while rounded bottoms provide primary stability.

- Rotomolded Plastic – Durable polyethylene construction resists dings, scratches, and UV damage for longevity.

- Composite Layups – Layered epoxy, Kevlar, carbon fiber, or fiberglass materials yield rigid yet lightweight hulls.

- Cushioned Seating – 3D mesh fabric seating enhances drainage and comfort during long hours on the water.

We Offer Ideal Kayaks for Paddling Adventures from Casual to Extreme

Our kayak models provide versatile options to meet diverse needs and goals on the water. Find the ideal kayak from beginner-friendly to performance-driven and start exploring lakes, rivers, bays, and beyond. The adventure awaits!

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