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  1. KingCamp VALLEY Series Square Sleeping Bag KS3211
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Rest Up for Adventure with Our Premium Men's Sleeping Bags

A good night's sleep is essential after an exciting day exploring the outdoors. Our men's Sleeping Bags provide warmth, comfort, and performance tailored specifically for guys' needs in the wilderness. Designed for durability, packed with features, and built for years of rugged use.

Spacious Dimensions For Comfort

- Wider Shoulders - Broad at the shoulders and chest to accommodate muscular builds while preventing restrictive constriction.

- Length Options - Available in standard or tall/long lengths to match guys over 6 feet tall so you don't feel cramped.

- Roomy Foot Box - Provides space to stretch out your feet and avoid tightness or compression discomfort through the night.

- Move Freely - Wider mummy taper allows room to change sleep positions and freely move your legs around.

Temperature And Climate Optimized

- Warmth Ratings - Temperature ratings show the optimal climate range from summer to extreme cold conditions.

- Weather Resistant - Durable ripstop shell stands up to wet weather and wind while locking in body heat.

- Lightweight Insulation - Premium hollow fiber or synthetic fills provide warmth without excessive weight for backpacking.

- Draft Tubes - Nylon tubes run along the zipper to prevent body heat loss through the opening. Keep cold spots away.

Built Rugged And Durable

- Ripstop Fabrics - Tough yet lightweight nylon ripstop shell fabric resists snags and tears during rugged use.

- Reinforced Stitching - Strong stitching at stress points prevents rips and damage even under heavy use over time.

- Snag-Resistant Zipper - Zipper won't catch or split the fabric when opening and closing at night or during packing up.

- Compression Sack - Comes with a sack for tight compression so the bag takes up less space in your pack.

Features For Convenience

- Interior Pocket - Handy place to keep headlamp, phone, or other nighttime necessities within reach inside the bag.

- Draw Cord - Tighten down the top opening for optimal heat retention on extra chilly nights.

- Hood Draw Cords - Seal in heat around your head and neck by cinching down the adjustable hood opening.

- Zipper Pulls - Easy to operate zipper pulls connect so you don't lose one in the middle of the night.

Get a great night’s sleep no matter where your outdoor adventures take you with our durable, comfortable men's sleeping bags.

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