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Paddle Boarding

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Explore Waters Near and Far with Our Quality Paddle Boards

Paddle boarding opens up a fun new way to play and explore on the water sports . Our Water boards provide a stable, durable platform for adventures atop lakes, oceans, and rivers. Well-designed boards with premium construction make paddling easy for beginners while offering performance for advanced riders. Discover the possibilities waiting on the water by stepping aboard one of our boards today.

Boards for Every Style

- All-Around Boards – Versatile middle-length boards for cruising, fitness, and casual fun. Generous width adds stability.

- Touring Boards – Longer narrow boards with pointed noses for covering distance efficiently across lakes and bays.

- Surf Boards – Shorter, slim boards mimic surfboard design. Responsive for waves and maneuverability.

- Race Boards – Ultra-long, ultra-narrow boards built for speed. Require skill and balance when paddling.

- Whitewater Boards – Rounded square noses designed specifically for river rapids. Durable rugged construction.

Stable and Confidence-Inspiring

- Width Options – Wider boards in the 30-40 inch range offer stability for beginners. Narrower widths challenge balance.

- Flat Bottoms – Flat planing hulls provide an easy-to-balance-on surface for stand up paddling.

- Traction Pads – Top deck pads with textured grip patterns keep feet locked in place while standing.

- Durable Materials – Strong polycarbonate or epoxy composites stand up to scrapes when beaching.

Features for Function and Fun

- Cargo Areas – Integrated cargo spaces allow bringing along snacks, small coolers, and even pets for the ride.

- Seating – Some boards offer raised seats for taking a load off while drifting along the water.

- Carry Handles – Side and nose handles make transporting the board easier before and after paddling.

- Leash Attachment – Secure your ankle to the board so it stays with you in the event of a fall or wipeout.

Premium Materials and Construction

- Core Materials – Polyurethane foam or wood stringer cores add rigidity beneath the deck.

- Epoxy Resins – Epoxy laminating resins adhere layers for strength and prevent water intrusion.

- UV Protection – Special coatings reflect sunlight and prevent fading and damage from sun exposure.

- Durable Fabrics – Heavy-duty triple- or quad-layer sidewall fabrics resist dings and abrasions.

Our Stable, Durable Paddle Boards Bring Smiles to Any Waterway

With a board designed for your needs, paddle boarding offers exercise, sightseeing, and peaceful relaxation on the water. Our quality-crafted boards are accessible for beginners yet offer performance for advancing paddlers. Start a new passion for watersports with the right paddle board.

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