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Transform Your Vehicle into a Camper with Roof Top Tents

Experience the freedom of overlanding and car camping with one of our high-quality roof top Camping Tents. Designed for easy mounting on your roof rack, our roof top tents provide comfortable sleeping quarters to turn your vehicle into a camper. Setup takes just minutes to go from driving down the road to sleeping under the stars. Built durable and loaded with smart features, our roof top tents enable adventure anytime, anywhere.

Rugged Construction for Life on the Road

Overlanding requires gear that can handle abuse on rugged terrain. Our roof top tents are crafted from thick, ripstop poly-cotton canvas to take miles of travel in stride. The heavy-duty aluminum base mounts securely to the roof while providing stability when deployed. Large overlanding-grade zippers allow smooth operation for repeated setups and takedowns. Durable powdercoat finishes resist chipping and abrasions. Built rugged to keep your journey going in all conditions.

Sleep Comfortably Off the Ground

Roof top tents elevate your sleeping quarters to keep you clean, dry, and comfortable wherever you go. High-density foams with removable covers ensure a good night's rest after long days exploring. Large awnings with mesh windows provide shade, while keeping views of nature. Stairs make access easy as you head to bed under a wide starry sky. Generous headroom lets you sit up comfortably, while large oversized mattresses sleep two adults with room to spare.

Quick Setup for Immediate Camping

Arrive on location and have camp set up in just minutes with our easy-open roof top tents. Pre-hinged folding mechanisms allow fast open and closing without assembly. High-lift gas struts make the heavy-duty lid easy to lift into place. Sturdy extending ladder systems provide safe access up to the tent. Once deployed, expansive awnings create shaded hangout space. The automotive-grade seals keep rain and dust out when shut. Go from rolling down the highway to sleeping under the stars in just minutes.

Packed with Convenient Features

We include a range of smart features to make roof top tent camping more convenient and comfortable. Large interior pockets and gear lofts provide handy storage. Cabin lighting systems powered by USB create homey ambiance at night. Versatile shoe pockets keep dirty boots out of the tent. Skyview windows allow stargazing from the comfort of your pillow. Some models even include high-density foam mattresses for a good night's rest.

Adventure Far Off the Beaten Path

With a roof top tent, any vehicle becomes a self-contained camper ready to go off-grid. Reach remote fishing spots, secluded surf breaks, and hidden trailheads. Drive deep into national forests and parks to camp far from crowds. With your gear always ready, you can stop to make camp anytime inspiration strikes. A roof top tent allows limitless adventure away from RVs and designated campgrounds.

Transforms Your Vehicle into a Camper

Built Rugged for Years of Adventure

We overbuild our tents to handle years of punishing use during overland excursions. Thick canvas stands up to sun, wind, and rain while insulating the interior. Heavy-duty zippers withstand repeated opening and closing. The rigid base resists warping and damage from repeated mounting and folding. Premium matress materials retain support after months of rolling down washboard dirt tracks. We meticulously test our tents to ensure durability mile after mile.

The Ultimate Overlanding Experience

Imagine waking at sunrise after a night spent sleeping atop stunning vistas. Our roof top tents enable this dream by transforming everyday vehicles into capable overlanding rigs. Built rugged to endure off-grid journeys, our tents allow you to camp in comfort wherever the trail leads. For accessible overlanding adventures with convenience unmatched by ground tents, turn to our roof top tents. The open road and endless adventure await.

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