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Sleeping Pads

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  1. KingCamp Comfort Self Inflating Lightweight Sleeping Pad Camping Mat
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Sleep Comfortably in the Backcountry with Our Premium Sleeping Pads

After long days hiking and exploring, a good night's rest is essential. Our Pads & Hammocks Collection create a cushioned barrier between you and the hard, cold ground for better sleep quality in the wilderness. Relax Under the Stars with our Quality Crafted pads & hammocks .

Benefits of a Sleeping Pad

Insulation - Closed-cell foams and other insulative materials prevent body heat loss through conduction into the ground. Provides warmth when sleeping atop snow or frozen earth.

Cushion - Soft, thick pads cushion pressure points like hips, shoulders, and elbows for side and back sleepers. Prevents pain and soreness from sleeping on rough, uneven surfaces.

Compactness - Foam, inflatable, and hybrid pads compress down for storage inside backpacks. Lightweight yet durable.

Our Premium Pad Collection

Foam Pads - Simple, affordable pad. Closed-cell foam provides cushion and insulation. Textured surfaces prevent sliding. Models from 1/2 to 1 inch thick. Roll up or fold accordion-style for transport.

Self-Inflating Pads - Open-cell foam draws air inside when valve is opened. Retains cushioning loft and insulation value without blowing up. Available in various sizes and thicknesses.

Air Pads - Lightweight inflatable pads offer adjustable firmness through air pressure. Use durable ripstop nylon or polyester shells. Superior insulation. King-size capacity available.

Hybrid Pads - Combine closed-cell foam top for insulation with inflatable air chambers for adjustable cushioning. Lightweight and versatile for 3-season camping.

Cot Pads - Turn a camp cot into a real bed! Soft, thick pads designed to fit atop cots. Provide insulation and cushioning. Ideal for car camping and base camps.

Luxury Pads - High-end pads for indulgent comfort in the backcountry. Multiple inflation chambers provide ergonomic zoning and adjustability. Special insulation reflects heat back to the body. Suitable for all-season adventures.

Find the sleeping pad offering the perfect blend of insulation, cushioning, and convenience for your camping needs. Sleep in luxury no matter how far off the beaten path you roam with our outstanding pad collection. Rest up for the next big adventure!

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