Summer is always the best time in a year to do watersports, and paddle boarding is definitely the most popular one among all sports on the water. If you are the one who is still out of the group of paddle boarding, this passage works for you. Come with the author and start exploring the charm of paddle boarding by knowing the first 5 things about paddle boarding.

1. Why paddle boarding is increasingly popular in recent years?

It’s not hard to understand as long as you learn how much you could get from this affordable relaxing sports. On the one hand, paddle boarding is a sport that can burn tons of calories ( just kidding) , so SUPers can improve their strength and conditions by burning fat and building muscles during paddle boarding. On the other hand, there exists no better ways to relax yourself and reconnect to nature than paddling out on calm water after days of exhausting hard works. Even just lying on the floating paddle boards, you can get the vibe that you’re closer to God and inner peace.

2. Solid paddle board v.s. inflatable paddle board, which one is better?

Both solid paddle boards and inflatable paddle boards have their own advantages, and the question of which one is better can only be answered when you know what really matters to you. If weight and portability are what you care about, then nothing can beat inflatable SUPs. With the average weight of 20 lbs among all paddle boards sold on, these inflatable SUPs can be easily thrown into the truck or the closet, addressing the problem of transportation and storage. Equipped with electrical pump, inflatable SUPs can finish inflation within 8 minutes, just a little bit softer than solid paddle boards. But if you are addicted to the feeling of stepping on a solid surface and give no care to challenging transportation, congratulations! Solid paddle boards is your true love.

3. How to choose the right inflatable SUP for yourself?

In order to pick up the most suitable paddle boards, you need to keep 3 factors in mind and they are: the shape of the board, volume and capacity, the size of the paddle boards.

First of all, the shape. There are two main hull shapes: planing hull and displacement hull, the former is flat and wide, ideal for newcomers to begin with, while the latter has a pointed nose, wonderful for high-levels to do racing.

Then comes volume and capacity, key points to determines how stable you will feel and how well the board will travel through the water. These two parameters are mainly affected by the length, width and thickness of the board, and normally, the wider, thicker one has a larger volume and capacity.

Finally, the size. Boards shorter than 10’ can be classified as short boards, and they have greater maneuverability than bigger ones, so they are great for beginners, and kids to start surfing. Medium boards from 10’ to 12’ are for all skill levels and all-around use. Boards longer than 12’ are the best choice for fast paddling and long-distance touring.

4. Best inflatable SUPs under $400 on BRoadout?

There are several paddle board manufacturers on BRoadout, and all of these factories are the ones with more than 10 years in this field. Therefore, quality is never a concern for you. To make sure our consumers can enjoy the joy of paddling without breaking the bank, we select paddle boards at different price range.

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5. Tips for paddle boarding?

Use a leash to keep you safe in all conditions; Paddling with you core—the strongest muscles of your body, instead just with your arms is the right way to be less exhausted and stimulate your core muscle groups; Know your limits and ride waves you could handle, just enjoy the fun of it and don’t challenge the power of water. If you encounter some cases and need help, just show the distress signal to others: move your stretched arms up and down sideways at the same time, and people around you will lift a hand to help you when they notice.

Summer is already halfway through, so is the best time for paddle boarding. If you want to join in the SUP group, there is no better time than now. Hurry up to select your favorite inflatable paddle boards, and start your adventure on the water. But never forget to keep safe! Wish you have a fantastic summer day.

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