If you want me to rate the best time for cycling, the answer would undoubtedly be Spring and Autumn. Pedaling wheels to pass through extensive green cornfield, or spinning to chase the fairy blue sky and floating cloud could always bring you limitless freedom and relaxation, just a panacea for all pressure and sorrow. Now, Autumn is around the corner, let’s learn something about cycling and prepare to get go.

Besides my subjective love for this sport, there are more statistics to explain why we should go cycling. According to a research, the health sector has begun to embrace cycling for its potential to increase physical activity levels in children, adults and older adults. Cycling is a great way for us to build muscle, boost metabolism and significantly lower the chance of getting hit by heart disease. It is said that if you ride bike for more than thirty minutes every day, you would burn eleven pounds of fat in a year. For those who is struggling with losing weight and build muscle, what are you waiting for?

Except the above factors, the biggest one lies in the unique happiness of cycling, which cannot be experienced through any other sports. Here I would love to share several delightful moments to take you there.

1.Reach the summit

Climbing is always torturing, and I bet everyone must have had the impulse of turning around to enjoy the pleasure of going downhill. But if you just pushed yourself hard and insisted the impulsion of going back, you could achieve incomparable sense of fulfillment when you see the fantastic panoramic view at the top. All your efforts could get paid, and the grand sight keeps reminding you that you can do far better than you thought you would.

2.Cycling with favorable wind

Although climbing is a wonderful experience, we should also taste the “ God bless you” happiness from time to time, and cycling with favorable wind is part of the story. If it happens to be favorable wind when you head home after the long haul, I’m sure you can’t feel better because at that moment it seems that all problems can be solved and you could finally arrive at your destination.

3.Spend great time with friends

I know some people prefer solo cycling to outlet negative feeling and take a breath, but spinning with friends is also a good option. Comparing to watch a movie or drink a cup of coffee, chatting during the road is a more flexible way to share thoughts and feelings. You could also have a race with them, and the moment of leaving them behind and win the competition is absolutely one of those you could remember for a long time (well, losing the game could also be one of them).

4.Put on new gear

Just like women crazy about new bags, cycling-lovers are addicted to new gear. Every time when I see amazing gear like cycling jersey, helmet, gloves and so on, I can’t help “chopping my hand”. Pockets are getting empty, but the happiness of unboxing the delivery package is worth the money. Well begun is half done, we just need to grab some right gear before hitting the road. When it comes to cycling gear, I have also prepare several must-have items for you.

Short/ Long Cycling Jersey Kit

Made of breathable fabric (80% polyester & 20% spandex), Huri Wind and IIpalapino cycling jersey performs better in absorbing moisture and close-fitting. Meanwhile, they are close to the body due to the higher back waist. BRoadout presents various styles, colors and sizes of men’s and women’s cycling jersey, no matter how picky you are, we assure you that you could find the outfit you love.

Riding Gloves

BRoadout provides half finger and full finger riding gloves for cycling fans. Wearing suitable gloves is necessary for cycling because they can reduce the impact of vibration and absorb sweat to keep your palm dry during strenuous exercise. Our gloves allow you to touch screen, so you don’t have to take it off to slide the page or click the button on your phone screen.

Bicycle Bags

We have front tube frame top waterproof bicycle saddle bag, 25 L back seat bag and storage bag for MTB road bike at the same time. All of them are well built with unique features to satisfy different needs from different people. If it is what you are still lack of, just take a look at these quality bags on BRoadout.

Here is the end, ready to go cycling with us? Let’s spin now!

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