If you are a dog owner, you may want to go everywhere with your four-legged family member. But waht if you’re a camp lover at the same time? I bet you won't leave your dogs behind when you're out for camping.

Then comes the question: How to make sure that you are gonna have a harmonious camping with dogs? Don't worry, we have prepared a thorough plan for you.

1. Check campground regulations

First of all, you must check the campground regulations. Not every campground is pet-friendly. So you should contact the campground for information on their pet rules. And if you want to plan some activities for your dog, you also need to make sure that the campground has dog-friendly equipment.

2. Schedule a vet appointment

Don’t forget to schedule a vet appointment for your dog before you make a reservation. Make sure that your dog is on all vaccinations and is currently healthy for a trip.

3. Upgrade your camping gear

You should prepare some essentials for dogs before camping:

(1) Bowls for food and water

(2) Enough food

(3) Dog first-aid kit

(4) Dog’s vet record and medical information

(5) Dog’s toys

(6) A leash

(7) An attachable ID tag and a current photo

(8) Waste bags

There are numerous dog gear on the market, perhaps it's a tough job to select the right one within limited time. To make things easier, we are gonna recommend several items for you.

KingCamp SUV Cargo Liner for Dogs

This dog trunk cover fits most standard vehicles, like SUVs, station wagons, or small cars. With the 4-layer waterproof quilting and the wear-proof 600d oxford fabric, this cargo liner can protect the seats from pet dander, hair, spills, odors, mud, and water. Besides, it's super easy to clean ——just clean with wet towel, shower or vaccum cleaner, or wash it in washing machine.

Automatic Retractable Dog Rope

This rope allows you to give your dog plenty of free space while getting it under control. With LED lights, it is safer to walk your dog at night. There's 4 modes: free state, temporary stop, stop lock and back to freedom, users can adjust these modes at will.

KingCamp Large Dog Bed

The surface of the raised dog bed is made of Teslin material, ensuring that your pets will feel pleasantly cool. The texture of this dog bad is wear-resistant, durable, and easy to clean, all you need to do is just wipe it with a damp cloth. It’s suitable for all seasons and portable enough for camping, fishing, travelling, and other outdoor activities.

4. Keep your dog secure at all times

Make sure your dog has an ID and never leave it unattended while camping. Your dog behaves well, but other people or dogs may behave unexpectedly. To ensure your dog has a positive and good experience, you must pay close attention to it. Dogs may be excited about new sights and other animals, and get to behave unusually. So, don’t forget to keep your dog leashed all the time.

If there is anything that's not mentioned in this passage, welcome to add in the below comments. Camping with you dog isn't a very challenging task, we could try to take them along with us when we enjoy the nature beauty, and someday you will find that you guys have had spent so much unforgettable time together.

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