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KingCamp Thickness 10.0 cm / 3.94 inches Self-Inflating PLUS Damp-proof Lightweight Camp Pad Mat Sleeping Pads

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Product Description

  1. Durability】This sleeping pad is made of comfortable and durable 100% Polyester 150D Oxford coating, which is waterproof and tear-resistant, thereby it's highly durable. The 5cm thick design of the product ensures that you don't feel jagged rocks or uneven ground below, providing you with the ultimate night experience.

  2. Wave Appearance Design】The wave systems designed for the sleeping pad makes a more solid and comfortable sleeping area. Also, it will help with keeping you in a healthy sleeping position avoiding backache and other related discomforts.

  3. Brass Valves and Pillow】Durable non-corrosive brass valves provide rapid inflation and deflation, which is easy to use and convenient to adjust the comfort level of this self-inflating camp pad. Pillow design is convenient to have a good rest.

  4. Light and Compactable】With an impressive size blew up of 77.95 × 24.80 × 3.93 inches, weight 7.3 lbs and folds down to 26.37 × 9.44 × 9.44 inches, this pad is super light and compactable. So, you don't need to worry about the room in your backpack anymore. And it can maximally eliminate back pain. This sleeping pad got the perfect size for a backpacking, trekking or hiking sleeping pad.

  5. Ideal for Outdoor Activities】 This durable self-inflating camp pad is designed for a deal for outdoor, camping.

How to inflate the pad?

  1. Open two valves and the pad will inflate automatically. (it may be compressed in the bag for a long time, so the pad may inflate slowly. A few breaths will help a lot for it to be inflated into a good shape.

How to deflate the pad?

  1. Firstly, open the valves, rolling the pad from the bottom, press the rolling part. When rolling to the top, wait for the air to flow out for a while, then close the valves.

  2. Secondly, don't open the valves, unfold the pad, then rolling the pad again to the top, open the valves, wait for the air to flow out. Then close the valves.

  3. Repeat step 2 until you can fold the pad into the carry bag (about 3 - 5 times)

NOTICE:Due to the compressed packaging, when you receive d the package, please unfold the sleeping pad and open the valve for 24 hours. It will take longer (approximately 1 hour) to inflate for the first use of the product.


  • 1 x Pad

  • 1 x Carry Bag

  • 1 x Repair Kit (Glue Not Included)

  • 1 x Banding Belt


Is this product PVC-free?

Yes, It's made of 150D stretch fabric and TPU coating, it is skin-friendly, waterproof, tear-resistant, and very durable.

Will it lose air?

No, it keeps air well.

How noisy is this airbed when people move around? Is there a coating that reduces the amount of sound that comes from the plastic?

It makes no noise and people can enjoy the comfort and cosy environment brought by this product!

More Information
Product Name
KingCamp Thickness 10.0 cm / 3.94 inches Self-Inflating PLUS Damp-proof Lightweight Camp Pad Mat Sleeping Pads
-- Please Select --
Processing Time
Within 48 Hours
Best Use
Sleeping Pad Type
Self-inflating Pad
Insulation Type
Polyurethane Foam
Sleeping Pad Shape
Sleeping Capacity
Top Fabric
100% Polyester 150D Oxford
Carry Bag Material
198 × 63 × 10 cm / 77.95 × 24.80 × 3.93 inches
Packed Size
67 × 24 cm × 24 cm / 26.37 × 9.44 × 9.44 inches
3.3 kg / 7.3 lbs
Bite Valve Shut-off Switch
Brass with Plastic Cap
Item Returns
This item can be returned
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