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KingCamp is the brainchild of Mr. Shu Guoking, since its inception in 2002, it has

become an active advocate for the family-oriented outdoor lifestyle. With partners in

46 countries, KingCamp received Forbes China’s recognition as one of the

enterprises with the most potential with attributes to become a major global player.

KingCamp covers all areas of outdoor activities from camping, hiking, travel, BBQ to

other outdoor recreational related fields. KingCamp adheres to its functional fashion

guideline when innovating. It has set up design centers in Italy, Germany, and Spain,

with many designers in the global outdoor field. The brand design philosophy of

fashion, function, comfort while being cost-effective has set off a wave in the world.

Creating a revolutionary outdoor life experience, inspiring the power of nature, and

enjoying the happiness of human interaction is KingCamp’s goal.


BULIN is the manufacturer and supplier of the next generation outdoors cookware, providing stoves and cookware for outdoor people. The aim is to position ourselves as a major global supplier of innovative, technically advanced and affordable cooking equipment. Providing premier quality products tough enough to handle any outdoor adventure, temperature and bring comfort to your outdoor activities.


Fun from outdoors

FUNDANGO believe that camping is about unplugging and connecting with those we love.

Our motto is that adventures are only worth having when accompanied by those we love,

hence, for over a decade, we've dedicated our energy to creating products that are easy-to-use,

and family-friendly.

"Fun From Outdoors" is FUNDANGO 's slogan, stands for the fantastic, positive,

optimistic and energetic spirit of young guys get together to enjoy the same outdoor sports with using

gears they really wanted.

Created in 2002, FUNDANGO has been dedicated to providing quality camping and outdoor

gears to the masses at a reasonable price for the past 17 years.

ATEPA, outdoors brand, the aim is to position as a major global supplier of innovative, technically advanced outdoor equipment, provides high-quality products and new technologies to help costumers to enjoy the great outdoors and experience nature.

"BE OUTSIDE-LIGHTER FOR ADVENTURE-lighter for adventure” is ATEPA‘s slogan, stands for trust in high-quality products and new technologies. ATEPA provides high-quality equipment for outdoor use and high-performance activities, including light-weight products and products using new technologies.

ATEPA wants to address passionate outdoor people of all ages who are well equipped and appreciates good quality gear, in search of adventure and natural beauty while perfecting the art of camping and enjoying an intensive outdoor experience.

WEJOY is a brand in the leisure sector to provide stylish outdoor equipment for the beach, the park or garden. WEJOY stands for happiness and is all about enjoying live! We love the sun! We love to be outdoors! We love to be with friends! We are young, wild and free. We are who everybody wants to be! We are sunseekers, we are beachpeople, we are loud and we are crazy. We are up-to-date and stylish! We are outgoing and like to share good moments! WEJOY reaches all spontaneous, outgoing people who want to enjoy their lives. It is about sharing the moment, seize the day, and enjoy life. WEJOY offers all you need to spend a great time outdoors. Functional equipment with aspiration on a fancy design.

JIUBENJU focus on high quality inflatable SUP products.


REV focus on providing professional and cost-efficient SKI equipments.

DEROOS focus on providing portable insulated bag.


PROMARINE focus on providing cost-efficient inflatable hot tub and standup paddleboards.

SEALS focus on providing high quality diving equipments.



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