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  1. EEZEE Silicone Collapsible Kettle Camping Kettle for Open Fire Portable Travel Kettle Water Boiler and Warmer
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Equip your Camp Kitchen with essential cooking and serving utensils. Our thoughtfully designed tools make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Cooking Utensils

If you're not sleeping in overnight, then you just need enough for the Ten Essentials, including trail food and clothing for the weather.

The essential tools for sauteing, stirring, flipping and more.

- Silicon Spatulas - Heat resistant and flexible for mixing batters or folding delicate ingredients.

- Slotted Spoons - Scoop and drain with holes that allow liquids to pass through. Great for pasta.

- Tong Sets - Grip foods securely without piercing. Ideal for tossing salads or turning meat.

- Wooden Spoons - Resilient and durable for most cooking tasks. Safer on nonstick pans.

- Whisks - Quickly blend ingredients with their gently curved wires. Choose from balloon, French, or flat.

- Ladles - Generously sized spoons with deep bowls for serving soups, stews, and more.

- Kitchen Shears - Sharp and sturdy shears that cut through poultry bones, herbs, and packaging.

Serving Utensils

Beautifully present food at the table with our serving tools.

- Serving Spoons - Elegant spoons for dishing out side dishes, salads, and entrees.

- Serving Forks - Matching forks for serving proteins, pastas, vegetables, and bite-sized foods.

- Serving Tongs - Allow neat and controlled portioning of foods. Locking hinge keeps them compact.

- Cake Servers - Slice neat wedges of cake and pie with sharp horizontal blades and broad servers.

- Cheese Knives - Specialized knives designed to slice soft or hard cheeses. Some sets include spreader.

- Carving Sets - Carve whole roasts with ease using these sets of knives, forks, and sharpening tools.

Shop our extensive selection of essential cooking and serving utensils.

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