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  1. KingCamp Moon Saucer Steel Camping Chair with Cooler Bag
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  2. KingCamp High Mesh Back Low Sling Beach Chairs
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  3. KingCamp High Sling Beach Chair 2-piece Set
    As low as $109.99
  4. KingCamp Low Back Beach Lightweight Chair
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  5. KingCamp Low Back Lightweight Strong Stable Folding Beach Chair 2 pack
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Water Sports

Make a splash with top-rated watersports gear for surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, rafting and beach fun. Find everything you need to enjoy the water.

Types of Water Sports Gear

- Paddle Boarding: Stable paddleboards for cruising lakes and oceans powered by your paddling.

- Kayaking: Recreational kayaks designed for stability, comfort and ease of paddling.

- Canoeing: Rugged, portable canoes ideal for exploring marshes, rivers and lakes.

- Rafts & Tubes: Inflatable rafts and tubes for relaxing float trips down rivers or across ponds.

- Water Accessories: Life jackets, watershoes, dry bags, roof racks and more.

- Beach Gear & Furniture: Umbrellas, chairs, coolers, towels and more for a day at the beach.

Paddle Boarding

Glide across lakes and oceans under your own power with a stable paddleboard.

Inflatable paddleboards are portable and pack down small.

Hard paddleboards offer a sleek silhouette and performance benefits.

Paddles with adjustable lengths suit any height.

PFDs, ankle leashes and roof racks help round out your paddleboarding kit.


Paddle solo or tandem in recreation kayaks built for comfort and stability.

Sit-in and sit-on-top kayak designs suit different needs.

Shorter, wider kayaks are very stable for beginners and open water.

Narrower, longer kayaks track well but may require more skill.

Spray skirts and storage hatches add convenience for longer trips.


Portable, rugged canoes for exploring lakes, rivers and marshes.

Materials range from tough polyethylene to sleek composite.

Wider beams provide stability for families or fishing.

Narrower hulls track well but may require more skill.

Thwarts and inflatable seats create comfortable seating.

Rafts & Tubes

Relax and float away an afternoon on a raft or tube.

Inflatable rafts designed for lakes, slow rivers or pools.

Tough PVC or vinyl construction resists punctures.

Mesh seats and floors provide comfort and drain water.

Cup holders keep drinks nearby as you drift along.

Features to Consider

- Skill level: Beginner to advanced options available.

- Intended location: Lakes, rivers, oceans, etc.

- Portability: Inflatable options pack down smaller.

- Group size: 1-person, 2-person or family sized gear.

- Sit-in vs sit-on: More protected ride vs more open.

- Storage: Models with cargo hatches and sealed storage.

More Tips for Choosing Watersports Gear

- Match the capacity and stability level to your ability. More stable options suit beginners.

- Consider portability if you'll transport gear frequently. Inflatable SUPs and rafts pack down smaller.

- Choose capacity suitable for solo outings or groups. Two-person kayaks and rafts allow you to bring company.

- Assess storage needs for day trips vs overnight trips. Models with cargo space allow you to pack more provisions.

-- Try gear on land first to assess comfort, fit and ease of use before your first water adventure.

Top Outdoor Brands

Shop Hobie, Pelican, REI Co-op and more top watersports brands. Rely on our expertise to help select the perfect paddling, rafting, surfing and swimming gear this season.

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