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BRoadout- Who We Are

BRoadout is a startup DTC shopping platform for those who are looking for top-quality outdoor gears at competitive price, as well as a go-to place for high-end manufacturers who want to sell their exceptional products to consumers directly. What makes BRoadout unique is that this is a platform and also an alliance truly established by world-leading outdoor gear factories. All gear manufacturers appearing on BRoadout are innovative, professional factories that have years of experience in producing gears for world-renowned outdoor brands.

What guides us as we go is our love for active outdoor lifestyles. Going outdoors is about to embrace more possibilities, to have adventure, to get refreshed, and spend wonderful time with loved ones. And we always believe that every one deserves to own his/her own quality outdoor gears to do this. What we aspire to do and what we are doing is to make well-performing outdoor equipment more accessible and affordable to everyone who wants to enjoy nature and adventure. There is a long way to go, and you’re welcome to join us.


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Why BRoadout


    • Direct to Consumers

      By shopping on BRoadout, you can get the same advantages that brands have had for years, buy from the factories that produce your favorite items, but only pay for the product itself and partial freight.


      Sell great gear at best prices, this is our original intention, and this is what we can do for you.

    • Broadout-Selected Top Outdoor Gear Brands
    • Trustworthy Product Quality

      All products selling on BRoadout are not only produced by well-established manufacturers but also subject to stringent quality tests.


      For most products on BRoadout, we offer a 1-year warranty for item defects.

    • Selected Top Outdoor Gear Brands of Camping & Hiking
    • Professional Outdoor Gears

      Tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camping chairs and tables, cookware, tableware, camp kitchen, paddle boards, various accessories, you could shop all of them at the best budget here.



    • Broadout-Selected Top Outdoor Gear
    • Focus on Innovation & Quality

      Innovation is our perpetual pursuit, and we achieve that by adding more new technologies into the development and production stages. Many products available on BRoadout are winners in innovation competitions. Better experience and higher quality are what we want to give through innovation.

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    • Other Guarantees

      100% Eco-friendly Material

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We locate in18th Floor, No.2 Hua Teng International Building,Da Jiao Ting Middle St., ChaoYang District, Beijing, China.

Why Manufacturers Like Us Decide To Do DTC? Because We Have No Reason Not!

We Listen & We Care

To satisfy your needs is the only principle that guides us in every process ranging from design, production, quality control to constant improvement and final delivery. We know what you need and we are providing you with the better.

Mature Craftsmanship & Sharp Insights

After years of cooperation with global luxurious outdoor brands, we have accumulated rich experience with continually enhanced techniques, and clear understanding about the development direction of outdoor gears. Therefore, we are able to produce modern practical equipment with the most suitable material.

Need for Future Development

Having been silent for generations, this time we want to be heard and recognized by the market with our own name. This is the right way for us to better understand the needs of our customers and to better invest in product research and development.