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Affiliate Program | BRoadout

Do you want to earn some money while enjoying outdoor life? Are you passionate about sharing your satisfying purchase with others?

Now we invite you to join our affiliate program. All you need to do is to share our promotion information and drive traffic from your site to, in return, you could earn a commission on every purchase made by customers you refer. We have worked hard to optimize our site for high conversion, which translates to more money in your pocket.

Affiliate Program | BRoadout(Affiliates Benefits of promotion on Avantlink)

Why partner with BRoadout:

1. No membership fees

2. Quick and easy application process

3. Every item you purchase from BRoadouthas a 1-Year Guarantee

4. Online purchases can be returned within 30days of purchase

5. Access to banner ads, text ads, and a complete product data feed

6. Sell direct to the consumer, leaving room to provide exclusive coupons to affiliates

7. Work closely with our affiliates, willing to make changesaccording to their feedback

8. Pay out schedule: paid monthly directly through AvantLink


Note:BRoadout affiliate program adopts Item-Based Commission, which means there are limited products with such high commission for you to choose. The most popular products on our websites are listed here, such as inflatable paddle boards and sleeping pads. These products have a higher conversion rate compared to other outdoor gears.


How do I get involved?

1. Apply to Avantlink (BRoadout affiliate program 21789) or Share A Sale (Merchant: 114722);

2. Complete the application form

3. Once approved, post links to on your site

4. Send people to our website through your links

5. You can track clicks and commissions through Avantlink/SAS


How To Apply Our Affiliate Program

Applying for our Affiliate Program on these partner sites, you will benefit from their unique preferential policies. Just click and check!

Affiliate Program | BRoadout

Affiliate Program | BRoadout


Contact us:

Our dedicated affiliate team is available to help you. If you have any other questions, or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Affiliate Team:

[email protected]