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  1. KingCamp VALLEY Series Square Sleeping Bag KS3211
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Let Your Kids Enjoy Camping with Our Fun Kids' Sleeping Bags

Sharing the wonders of the outdoors with your children starts with making sure they sleep warm and comfortable at the campsite. Our kids' Sleeping Bags are sized right for growing kids, filled with features to spark their imagination, and built to stand up to childhood play.

Child-Specific Sizes

- Toddler Bags - Compact dimensions suit young kids under age 5 at nap time or backyard campouts.

- Youth Bags - Properly proportioned for older kids approx. ages 5-10 as their bodies grow longer.

- Teen Bags - In-between youth and adult sizes as teens hit growth spurts and become more active outdoors.

Fun Designs and Colors

- Playful Patterns - Bags feature colorful character prints from Disney movies, cartoons, animals, nature themes and more.

- Color Choices - Available in vibrant hues like red, orange, purple, pink, lime green and blue based on child's preference.

- Novelty Shapes - Unique mummy shapes like elephants, snakes, sharks, robots, unicorns and other creatures kids love.

Built Warm and Cozy

- Soft Materials - Using plush polyester flannel or microfleece linings for comfort against kids' skin.

- Warm Insulation - Hollow polyester fiber fill provides warmth without excessive weight for young campers.

- Hood Cinch - Draw-cord tightens around head to lock in warmth on chilly nights.

Draft Tube - Like adults' bags, tube behind zipper retains interior heat. Prevents cold spots.

Designed for Safety and Durability

- Snag Resistant - Nylon shell resists rips, tears and pulling to withstand kid use and machine washing.

- Non-Toxic Materials - Bags meet strict standards for safe, non-toxic materials against children's skin.

- Machine Washable - Important for cleaning after trips and overnight accidents. Air dry.

- Carry Bag - Mesh storage bag protects the bag and provides air circulation.

Let your kids join the fun on family camping trips with the right sleeping bag to keep them smiling. Our kids' bags blend safety, comfort, and playfulness.

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